Schreuder remains with PEC after remarkable interview: ‘Time for the truth’

Dick Schreuder caused a stir this weekend with a tirade about the state of PEC Zwolle, but will also be the trainer of De Blauwvinger next season. The brother of future Ajax trainer Alfed Schreuder wanted to shake up his club.

Schreuder was unable to prevent degradation with PEC and pulled leather after the last round of play: he was bothered by the deficient facilities and limited player opportunities, he said. โ€œReally, what I found here is simply no longer possible in terms of professionalism,โ€ he said in a remarkable interview with De Stentor.
That was not meant to force a break, he explains to that same medium three days later. โ€œI dont have to force a break at all. If another club puts a certain amount on the table, I can just leave.โ€ However, his contract continues and so everything indicates that he will join the Kitchen Champion Division. โ€œOr the club has to want to get rid of me.โ€
Schreuder believes that the necessary needs to change is like a pinnacle. โ€œI just said it to help PEC, huh. Because it is clear that things have to be changed. Otherwise, it
s just going to be a really difficult time. Before you know it, youre fifteen years behind. Moreover, I thought it was time for the truth to be told.โ€ Schreuder insists that the facilities at his old club Katwijk are better than those in PEC. โ€œIn the end, that costs people their jobs. That is terrible. And yes, I do feel quite responsible for that. Although I did everything I could to prevent it.โ€