Schreuder responds to Ajax defeat: “We are still developing”

Alfred Schreuder calls Ajaxs defeat at Liverpool not a disaster, but hopes to be able to take lessons with him to Amsterdam. Thats what he says after the 2-1 defeat at Anfield.
We knew it was going to be a very tough race. Beforehand, we said that if we were good at the ball, we would have a chance. But certainly in the first half, we werent, says Schreuder at Ziggo Sport. This is a different pressure and intensity than what we were used to. Liverpool is simply a top team. They have even more intensity than us. You hope to be one step further, but the reality is that they are further than us. That also makes sense.
Was Liverpool better than Schreuder expected? In intensity, yes, but we got control when we were good at the ball. When it gets physical, they are overlying. That
s what Liverpool wanted.
Liverpool did come, which did not result in opportunities, but in corners. They also scored from that. No, its not a disaster, but we have to learn from this, continues the Barnevelder. We are still evolving. There are several boys who have not played these kinds of matches. Its really good for them.

Losing at Anfield isnt a disaster, but you have to learn from this 🤞 #ZiggoSport #UCL #LIVAJA
— Ziggo Sports Football (@ZS_Voetbal) September 13, 2022