Schreuder wont adapt to Liverpool: Want to play our own game

Alfred Schreuder expects Ajax to have a good chance against Liverpool when his team plays their own game. This is what the rehearsal master says in a press conference prior to the game.
โ€œWe really want to try to play our game,โ€ says the trainer about the tactics surrounding the match. Schreuder also talks about the areas for improvement with his team. โ€œDefending is something you do together and you attack together. How our attackers put pressure must be determined by our midfielders. If we are on the attack ourselves, people must already be working on the rest defense. That is where a lot of attention is paid to us. We need to be high on the field at times like that so that we have the ball back as soon as possible.โ€
Schreuder is also in awe of Tuesday nights opponent, but he doesnt adjust things to preparation. โ€œTonight, we have another team meeting in preparation, but were not going to change anything compared to other matches. We know that we are going to play against the best opponent we face in this competition on Tuesday. Dusan Tadic and Daley Blind already have experience playing against Liverpool, so they know what its like.โ€
Schreuder did not let go of anything to the assembled press about the setup. He did say that he is happy with the group of players he has and that the mix between young talent and experienced boys is the best fit for his club. โ€œWe were able to capture some good players and young boys are also playing in our basic eleven. That suits Ajax, combining young boys with good acquisitions. They also have to get used to the philosophy here, but they keep working very hard. Thats the most important thing for me.โ€

โ€œSign good players and give young players the chanceโ€ ๐Ÿ™ #UCL #livaja
โ€” AFC Ajax (@AFCAjax) September 12, 2022