Schreyer: Star Wars remake Knights of the Old Republic deals with Aspyr

Jason Schreier in an interview with MinnMax already openly confirmed the developer of the remake Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – as expected, they became studio Aspyr. As it is known thanks to the merger of the studio with Embracer Group, which also includes THQ Nordic, Gearbox, Saber, Deep Silver and dozens of other famous publishers and developers, the budget of the unannounced the project will amount to about 70 million dollars, and the team will grow to about 200 people. In addition, Schreyer noted that EA has nothing to do with the remake, so probably it will not be released until 2023 โ€” then the publisher will run out of an exclusive license for games University.

Aspyr itself is for the most part known thanks to hundreds of reissues like the recent Star Wars: Republic Commando and Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. However, in 2005, she became the publisher of her own project, Stubbs The Zombie.

Recently, it was also re-released. More on Gamomania Lemnis Gate is released in the summer of 2021 Some PS3 games have begun to be updated again by the media: Emilia Clarke to play in Marvels โ€œSecret Invasionโ€.