Schuurs waits for Jong Orange teammate Teze and refuses taxi: ‘Super cautiou’

Perr Schuurs and Jordan Teze passed the party of Jong Oranje after the 2-1 victory over Young France. Schuurs refused a taxi, as it was not in the UEFA bubble. The Ajax defender was waiting for Teze, who was still in the doping control.
โ€œHe couldnt peeโ€, laughs Schuurs, who only went to the hotel 3,5 hours after the match, in conversation with De Cceit. โ€œBy the time we got to the hotel, everyone was already in their room.โ€
However, the Ajax defender could have been with his teammates much earlier. There was a taxi waiting for him, but it was not arranged by UEFA. โ€œThrough the UEFA everything within our bubble is perfectly arranged. Everyone tested negative. The other driver, however, was not in the bubble, had not had a PCR test, so I couldn
t go with him. We are super careful, because an accident is in a small corner.โ€
Schuurs thinks of the situation with the big Oranje. โ€œLook at Cillessen, missing the European Championships. Skipping the semi-finals and finals because of corona I would find a disasterโ€, continues the Ajax defender, who did not compete at Jong Orange on Tuesday. โ€œI have a big blister on my left foot. Its completely open and I have to let dry, so I better not put on shoes.โ€