Scientists have found that sexualization in games does not affect players in any way

The justified and unjustified sexualization of video game characters is one of the main enemies of the โ€œawakenedโ€ cultural policy. Advocates of the new puritanism claim that heroines with emphasized feminine virtues awaken the inferiority complex in girls. Well, guys, after seeing enough armored thongs, become misogynists and are prone to harassment.

As noted by the DTF portal, this issue has not remained out of the view of scientists. The research was conducted by Professor of Psychology Christopher Ferguson.

He has been studying the impact of games on the human psyche for two decades. Previously, violent games were in the focus of attention โ€” and, as we remember, no one has yet been able to prove that love for Painkiller makes a person a serial killer.

This time, the professor‘s team conducted a meta-analysis of two dozen scientific studies, the authors of which studied the spread of sexist beliefs in men and aggression towards women, as well as the relationship of sexualization with depression and Dysmorphophobia. Researchers assure that in all the analyzed works there is moralizing and exaggeration.

But none of them provide any convincing data on the impact of video games on these problems. Noting that so far scientists have not been able to prove that sexualization has negative consequences, The professor’s team suggests that โ€œbetter qualityโ€ studies could provide more valuable data.

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