Scottish man falls hundreds of pounds for woman

In Scotland, a man weighing 368 kilos wanted to have sex with his wife. Only one complication came to this: the man feared that he would crush her with his weight. This made him decide to lose weight.

It was just as difficult to figure out Paul Tuthills exact weight. After all, the man had become so heavy that none of the scales in the hospitals could weigh him, writes Metro UK.

Due to an injury he sustained in 2010, his weight rose at a rapid pace. Where Tuthill was previously an avid athlete, he remained stuck to his chair from that moment on. This also had an impact on his mental state. The kilograms caused depression, and in 2017 even to multiple suicide attempts.

Tuthills sister finally proposed a bypass. This idea sparked a certain fire in him. He decided to lose weight. Before the surgery, Tuthill had already lost about 150 pounds.

The process did not stop there: by now Tuthill weighs almost four times as light as before at 95 kilos. According to him, it was also high time to lose weight.

No sex life

โ€œI got so fat that I slept in the living room and could not visit the toilet anymore. Besides, I had no sex life, I couldnt spend a day with the family or on vacation,โ€ he tells Metro UK. In addition, the future seemed to look even more serious if Tuthill had continued on this basis. โ€œI was a broken person. I felt like I was slowly dying.โ€

The bypass operation paid by his sister was the tipping point. He decided to eat only 1800 calories in a day, and the kilograms slowly but surely began to disappear.

A long battle against the kilos followed, and in 2018 Tuthill was finally rewarded with his operation. However, even after the bypass, there were still physical inconveniences. โ€œI contacted physiotherapists, did online research and set small goals for myself that I always tried to live up to. Slowly but surely I saw improvement. I just wanted my life back.โ€