SCP Horror Shooter Beta Test: Pandemic to Begin Month Before Early Access

Independent โ€œremoteโ€ studio Affray took out its first major project on Kickstarter a couple of weeks ago: the online tactical first-person horror shooter SCP: Pandemic. And now announced that a month before the start of early access, it will carry out a closed beta test for savers. Players are set to oppose the sinister SCP Foundation corporation, which is trying resolve the size of humanity by triggering a pandemic.

As a result, the Zombie Apocalypse adventures in the world. In the game, teams of eight players have to go to sweep infestations and fight not only infected but also spooky inventions corporations.

Early access, due to kick off this year, will start from Zone 12, the site where Psi-Z-Z. The game has now raised just over 18,000 dollars out of the required 80,000.

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