‘Scrap plans second Kaagbaan Schiphol for housing building’

The plot of land reserved for Schiphols second Kaagbaan must be released for other uses. Thats what D66 finds in the House of Representatives.

MP Boucke: โ€œIf you are realistic, you may wonder whether Schiphol growth is possible at all. The problems with our nature, climate and noise are too great. So an extra runway is not the issue.โ€

The government has reserved the area north of the village of Rijsenhout, municipality of Haarlemmermeer, until 2024 for the construction of a new runway that runs parallel to the Kaagbaan.

The reservation by the Government dates back to 2009, and due to the national importance of Schiphol, there had to be room to grow. In 2016, Schiphol announced drawing table plans for the new runway. But the chance that it will come in the coming years is almost nil.

Municipal elections

The municipality of Haarlemmermeer has long been asking politics The Hague to tie a knot over the plot of land if nothing happens to it anyway. No homes, companies or other permanent projects should now be planned. And the arrival of the runway, including noise nuisance, has been above the market for years.

This is especially annoying for Rijsenhout. Residents move away from there and facilities disappear. VVD alderman Jurgen Nobel van Haarlemmermeer: โ€œThe baker will soon have to close the doors and the football team will no longer get together.โ€

In the election programs for the municipal elections in March, many parties in Haarlemmermeer have the removal of the parallel Kaagbaan. For example, the local party HAP, the second party after the VVD in Haarlemmermeer, wants to get rid of the second Kaagbaan.

If no planes are allowed to land on them, we want to build houses there, say the parties. VVDer Nobel, leader in the upcoming elections, speaks of a paper reality.

โ€œWe have to get rid of it as soon as possible,โ€ says Nobel. โ€œBefore and behind the scenes, I also call on my own party.โ€

No irrevocable decisions

Almost two weeks ago, the new Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, Harbers (VVD), visited residents of Rijsenhout, among others. They once again asked him to make a quick decision so that they can continue with the development of their village.

But a cabinet decision on the plot of land is not to be expected for the time being. On Friday, Harbers informed the House of Representatives that the problem of Schiphol is so complicated because of the stricter nitrogen, noise and overloading rules, that a solution is still months to come.

Schiphol advocates not to make irrevocable decisions about the second Kaagbaan this year.