Scrapnaut goes into early access on March 3

SpiffyBit studio and publishing house RockGame have named the premiere date for the steampunk command-administrative adventure Scrapnaut. The game will appear on Steams early access on March 3. But all the details are promised to tell us in the coming days.

In Scrapnaut we will fall into a world almost devoid of oxygen. And, to survive in it, you will have to constantly monitor the serviceability of the cleaner and look for all ways to replenish air reserves.

In survival we have to build and develop a base, equip farms, explore the world and defend against enemy raids. Players can get acquainted with the free demo version of the game on the Steam page.

And also pass Scrapnaut: Prologue, this intro gives an idea of the gameplay and allows you to outline initial survival strategies. The prologue receives very positive feedback from players.

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