Screens on terraces may be possible from eighth finals: ‘Rather than final’

Competitions of Orange watching on a terrace near the pub isnt in there for the time being. Ferd Grapperhaus, Minister of Justice, and President Hubert Bruls of the Security Council announced this evening.
They discussed, among other things, the possibility of setting small screens outside on terraces so that there can be a look at EK matches. Yet that will not happen before the end of June โ€œWe cannot take separate measures and take intermediate steps nowโ€, says Bruls to Het Parool. โ€œThen the situation will not be clearer.โ€
However, it could be that from 26 June, when the eighth finals begin, more will be possible. โ€œAt the moment, the Cabinet is sailing for a next phase on June 30. If that is sooner, the screens can return to the pub or on the terraces sooner. What can be done earlier is fine and if there are no more reasons to keep restrictions, they have to stop.โ€
So the matches against Austria and North Macedonia don
t seem to be able to be watched in the pub, but if the Orange hits the eighth finals, theres a good chance that changes.