Screenwriter Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy became BioWare’s Director of Storytelling

Resetera users have noticed that Mary Demarle, senior screenwriter of the recent Guardians of the Galaxy, has changed her Linkedin profile. This has not been officially announced anywhere, but apparently she has now moved to BioWares screenwriting department as Director of Storytelling. Mary Demarle started working on game scenarios with the legendary Myst III: Exile puzzle.

She participated in the creation of Homeworld 2 and Myst IV: Revelation. With Eidos Montreal, she was the narrative designer and lead screenwriter for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and the games script won the Canadian Videogame Award.

After that, Demarle became Narrative Executive Director of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and she worked on Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy as lead screenwriter, a work that won The Game Award Awards 2021. It is not yet known what Demarle will do at BioWare.

The new Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is already approaching release, but it is possible that the screenwriter will be involved in the work on the new part of Mass Effect. More on CCeit Battle Royale My Hero Ultra Rumble will be released in the West Ubisoft September 1 turns off the servers of a dozen more games Leonid Shvartsman, director, is goneโ€ Cheburashkaโ€ and โ€œ38 parrotsโ€.