Screenwriters Life is Strange and Tales from the Borderlands work on Growing Up

Warsaw studio Vile Monarch, known for simulators of insults Oh. . .

Sir! and drug strategy Weedcraft Inc, announced its new project, and at first glance there is nothing provocative. Growing Up – a visual novella in which we have to live a whole life with nineteen different characters, from childhood to adulthood, and see their children and grandchildren.

And what this life will be, will determine our decisions and learned skills: all of them are about two hundred. Our heroes are waiting for 42 unique careers, up to the office of President of the United States.

And out of work, each destiny must also become unique: we will define romantic interests, help cope with random problems and adjust the appearance of both the hero and his housing. Over Growing Up there is a star team: it involves director and screenwriter Gardens Inc.

and Dr. Cares, art director of Cinders & Solstice, designer and screenwriter of This War of Mine, chief screenwriter of Life is Strange, screenwriter Tales from the Borderlands and composer Planet Coaster and Reigns: Her Majesty.

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