Scum will feature playable Danny Trejo

Croatian studio Gamepires is preparing another expansion to its multiplayer survival game Scum. And its main character will be Danny Trejo, a famous actor and boxer. The new playable character Scum will be modeled on Trejos characters from the 1990s movies, and the actor will voice himself.

In the new downloadable expansion, Danny Trejos playable character will be provided with options settings and unique accessories: clothes, weapons and other features inherent in the actors famous roles. At the same time as the release of the Scum DLC, Trejo himself will release his first NFT collection.

It will be called The Many Faces of Danny Trejo and will be available on the Epik Prime Marketplace. It is likely to include various images in which the actor has performed during his long career.

The online sandbox Scum is available on Steam Early Access, where it receives 80% positive reviews. Players will be taken to a reality show in which ex-prisoners fight for survival in the open world.

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