Sea Battles, Hundred Years War and Abbasids in Age of Empires 4 trailers

The makers of Age of Empires 4 have recently published a number of new trailers of future historical strategy. They relate to different aspects of the future game. In the first video, we are presented with one of the future sides, the Abbasid Caliphate.

This state existed (intermittently) from 750 to 1258. A special unit for this civilization will be camel chasers, and a special building is the House of Wisdom, which Beit al-Hikma founded in Baghdad.

A separate trailer was dedicated to naval battles. As with previous parts of the game, fights will take place simultaneously on the ground and on the water.

And each nation will have its own special ships. Finally, the third trailer is dedicated to a series of armed conflicts that have been given a common historical title of the Hundred Years‘ War.

And in this campaign, we have to join Joan of Arc, who is not the first time โ€œvisitingโ€ the Age of Empires. Age of Empires 4 series is released on October 28 only on PC.

You can already pre-order on Steam for 2499 rubles or Microsoft store for $60. Xbox Game Pass followers will be able to meet her for free.

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