“Season of Envy” — HITMAN III authors talk about new chapter and free content

IO Interactive talked about the HITMAN III content that was part of chapter six of the Seven Deadly Sins supplement — it was titled Season Envy and is already available to players. Gamers will find themselves playing the role of the envious Agent 47, whose goal is to overtake their opponent and become the best in Mendoza. This season, youll be able to get new items and a themed green suit.

Additional Free Content: Eluding Target Dubai — October 1-11; 3 New Developer Contracts — October 7; New Weapons — October 7; Free Access Colorado — October 7 to 17; Eluding Target in Colorado — October 15 to 25; New Community-Created Contracts — October 21; New Costume — 28 October. After Envy, we will see the final chapter of the Seven Deadly Sins supplement.

The developers also confirmed that they will continue to release DLC for HITMAN III into 2022. More on Gamemania The authors of Dying Light 2 release an interview with parkour founder David Belle In the new Far Cry 6 trailer, a rooster wreaks havoc on the city streets Resident Evil Code: Veronica X and Castlevania in October for Xbox Live Gold.