Second Chamber elects president: Bosma, Bergkamp or Arib again?

The House of Representatives elects a new chairman from 10.15 a.m. It‘s customary after elections. There are three candidates: the current chairman Khadija Arib (PvdA) and two people with extensive experience as vice-president: Vera Bergkamp (D66) and Martin Bosma (PVV).

The various groups can ask the candidates about their plans and how they intend to fill in the Chamber Presidency. The three answers and then there is a written vote (which is anonymous), possibly in several rounds.

The election of the President of the Chamber can be followed from 10.15 on NPO Politiek, and in Decceit-app.

If no one has obtained the absolute majority in the first two rounds, then in the third round the candidate will be finalised with the least votes. The general expectation is that of the three candidates Bosma is the least likely, despite the great appreciation of him as Vice-President. Many MPs do not want a PVV’er as‘ face ‘of the House of Representatives. So it will probably mainly be between Arib and Bergkamp.

How long the election is going to last is not clear. There will be a vote just as long until one of the candidates has a clear majority. And that could take a very long time. This turned out, for example, when Khadija Arib first became president in 2016, which took eight hours.

Khadija Arib (PvdA)

Arib has been in the Chamber with a slight interruption since 1998. She has been President of the Chamber since 2016. She then took over the position of VVd‘er Anouchka van Miltenburg. In 2017, she was re-elected, without any opponents. Before that, Arib was Vice-President.

Arib emphasizes her long experience in her application letter. She is popular with many people, but some reproach her rigidity in the discussion about the move of the Chamber. Arib, as Chairman of the Chamber, is the head of the Executive Board of the House of Representatives, which opposed a temporary move of the House of Representatives. It is planned for later this year; the Chamber building will be renovated. The supporters of the move felt thwarted by the attitude of Arib and the Praesidium.

Vera Mountain Camp (D66)

Bergkamp is a member of parliament since 2012. Among other things, she spoke about care, regulating cannabis cultivation and multiple parenthood.

She describes herself as a binding leader, who wants more attention to careful legislation. Before she came to the Chamber, she was chairman of the COC, the organization that defended the rights of Ihbti’ers.

Martin Bosma (PVV)

Bosma has also been in the Chamber for a long time: since 2006. He has spoken about the Interior and is known for his flowery criticism of public service broadcasting. Previously, he worked as a journalist.

In his letter of application, Bosma writes that the Chamber has โ€œdramatically lost influence and relevance and that the counter-power of the Chamber must be restoredโ€.

The appointment of the President is a free choice of MPs, although party politics always plays a role. Until 2002, a large part of the political groups agreed behind the scenes how the election would take place. But that year VVD‘er Frans Weisglas presented himself as an opponent of his party mate Annemarie Jorritsma – recently still in the picture as a scout. She was the candidate of the group at that time. Weisglas won the vote anyway, and since then the procedure has been seen more as a ‘real‘ election.

Presidency and formation

The Chamber Presidency was raised yesterday in this light in the Chamber’s debate on formation. PVV leader Wilders suspects โ€œhorse-tradingโ€, as he called it. He sees a link between the Presidency and the information talks, in which efforts should be made to restore confidence in the VVD.

Wilders wanted to know whether D66 had spoken with the VVD about the Chamber Presidency in recent days. D66 leader Kaag replied that she talked to VVD foreman Rutte about a number of things on Monday and that she also reported that D66 was likely to run someone for the presidency.

She said she did not ask Rutte for support for Bergkamp and that Rutte did not say it either. โ€œI see this as a free matter; we don‘t know who’s going to vote for our candidate,โ€ added the D66 leader. According to Wilders, the issue โ€œstinksโ€ and Kaag affects the procedure. Rutte confirmed Kaag‘s words and, like Kaag, made himself angry about the suspicion.

Look back here at the moment:

Informer Herman Tjeenk Willink has announced that he will not go to work until there is a new President of the Chamber, because he does not want to disturb the election. That means he’s not making calls today.

โ€œ At the end of the afternoon I hope to be able to make it clear how I am going to do it,โ€ he said last night after his interview with temporary President Arib.