Second Chamber wants clarification on working method NCTV

The House of Representatives wants clarification on the working methods of the National Coordinator Counter-Terrorism and Security (NCTV). According to NRC, he has collected and shared privacy-sensitive information about citizens for years. Also, employees with fake social media accounts followed hundreds of political campaign leaders, religious foremen and activists.

The newspaper reports this on the basis of its own research. Unlike, for example, the police and the secret service, the coordinator is not authorized to monitor people in detail, says NRC. In a response, the NCTV says that the way the sensitive information is processed does not violate the law. Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg, head of the NCTV, recognizes to the newspaper that the โ€œlegal basis needs to be improvedโ€.

Police State

Dilan Yesilgรถz of the VVD wants to quickly find out whats going on at the NCTV. โ€œAnd how I can control that as a member of parliament.โ€ She asked chamber questions. D66-MP Hanneke van der Werf calls the article โ€œdisconcertingโ€. She wants text and explanations from Minister Grapperhaus.

That also applies to CDA and GroenLinks. โ€œThere is a great responsibility on the NCTV. First of all, there must be a legal basis for the work she does,โ€ says GreenLeft MP Corinne Ellemeet.

Forum for Democracy calls the method unacceptable. โ€œA state in which security officials follow political activists on a large scale structurally threatens to become a police state.โ€ Party leader Farid Azarkan van Denk wants an urgent debate on the issue.

The NCTV was set up to coordinate the exchange of information between public authorities. They are bodies dealing with the fight against terrorism. In addition, the coordinator also makes reports and analyses himself. Three times a year, for example, the Threatening Picture Terrorism Netherlands appears, which states the likelihood of a terrorist attack in the Netherlands.