Second conversation in a short time between Putin and Biden about Ukraine

For the second time in a short time, US President Biden and President Putin of Russia have spoken to each other about the tense situation in Ukraine. The phone call was Putins initiative and lasted about fifty minutes. The governments of both countries have not yet announced about the content.

On December 7, the two also spoke to each other about the Ukrainian issue. That conversation then lasted two hours and took place via a video connection. Since Russia has contracted a force with around 100,000 soldiers on the border with Ukraine, tensions with the United States and other NATO countries have grown.

They fear that Putin will invade Ukraine. In the previous conversation with Putin, Biden warned that the US and its NATO allies are willing to take โ€œradical actionโ€ in that case.

But according to the Russian President, NATO is precisely the cause of the tensions. He sees Western military support to Ukraine as a threat and wants the guarantee that the country will remain outside NATO, as well as other former Soviet countries.

Focused on de-escalation

A Kremlin spokesperson today recalled that Moscow has put a list of security guarantees on the table this month, including the demand for NATO. On January 10, senior representatives and military experts from Russia and the US will discuss demanding Russian.

According to the Kremlin spokesperson, Putin needed a follow-up interview with Biden prior to that summit meeting in Geneva. In advance, Biden was expected to reiterate in the phone call that the conflict could still be resolved diplomatically.

The talks should be focused on de-escalation rather than escalation, said a White House official who wants to remain anonymous.