Second dead butskop with injuries washed ashore in Zeeland

A dead butskop has been found in the water near Borssele. This is the second one in a short time, because the day before yesterday a butskull was found dead near Terneuzen.

A butskop is a large dolphin species not normally found in the North Sea. According to the SOS Dolphin Foundation, the chances of survival of these animals in Dutch waters are very small. There is not enough suitable food for this beaked dolphin species.


The first animal was found on Monday with injuries on the beach. Researchers think she was taken over by a ship.

The second animal was also washed ashore injured. At first it was thought to be a calf of the first animal found, but the researchers are not sure anymore, reports Omroep Zeeland. The second animal has a large cut in its side and misses the tail.

The butshead is being transferred to the University of Utrecht. There, research is being done into the death of both animals. A researcher at the university is worried that this species has shown up in the North Sea in the last few weeks and pleads for international research into the reason for this, writes the broadcaster.


Butsheads normally live in oceans where they search for food at depths of miles. Two weeks ago, two butt heads were found lost in the Oosterschelde. They’re probably the same animals.