Second MP Omtzigt gets out of CDA and wants to continue as an independent member of parliament

MP Pieter Omtzigt cancers his membership of the CDA. He announced that in a letter he posted on Twitter. He continues as an independent MP, but is still ill at home for the time being.

On Thursday, a note from Omtzigt leaked, in which he criticized the way the party handled him. How that drains happened, he doesnt know. โ€œThis piece should have stayed internal in order to have a substantive discussion there and ask necessary questions.โ€

According to Omtzigt, it has made it even harder for him to continue to function within the CDA. โ€œThats why I just let party president Marnix van Rij know with pain in my heart that Im canceling my CDA membership.โ€

Omtzigt made a throw at the CDAs list tractors last year, but did it against Hugo de Jonge. When it withdrew later, the party opted not for Omtzigt, but Wopke Hoekstra as number 1, and the elections went bad for the Christian Democrats.

In his leaked note, Omtzigt writes that he regularly didnt feel safe in the CDA, and that party members crouched him into app groups for psychopath and tringdog. The party would also have taken a large amount of sponsorship without registering it.

โ€œIt is my intention to return as an independent MP, precisely because many people have given me that trust,โ€ Omtzigt says now on Twitter. He won over 340,000 preferential votes in the last election, accounting for about five seats.

However, Omtzigt will not return to the House for the time being. To do this, he must have fully recovered first. โ€œI dont give interviews and really rest.โ€

Omtzigts 47-year-old has been in the House of Representatives since 2003, with a short break, in front of the CDA. He dealt with various topics such as pensions, foreign affairs and social security.

In recent years, he has been one of the driving forces that revealed the surcharge affair. He also felt that he was opposed by politicians from other parties but also from his own CDA.

19 groups in Room

Despite Omtzigts decision, the CDA still holds 15 seats, as Omtzigt is currently being temporarily replaced by Henri Bontenbal. Only when Omtzigt actually returns to the House of Representatives, the CDA Group returns to 14 seats. The Chamber also counts a record number of 19 groups.

Omtzigts wife, who is group chairman of the CDA in the Enschede City Council, remains a member of the party: