Second NAC goalkeeper smells chances after Olij-departure and signs up for three years

Roy Kortsmit commits to NAC Breda for another three years. The goalkeeper was the second choice behind Nick Olij in recent seasons, but his departure offers 29-year-old Kortsmit opportunities.
NAC Breda makes the news known to the world through its own channels. Kortsmit was brought in to Feyenoord as an eight-year-old boy and in 2008 the closing post ended up at Sparta Rotterdam. In 2014, the goalkeeper made his official debut in professional football. In 2019, the partnership with Sparta was broken and Kortsmit was without a club for some time, until NAC picked him up in 2020.
Kortsmit is happy with the extension and will do everything in its power to become the first choice in Breda. โ€œIt hasnt always been easy to be a second goalkeeper over the past few years, I have to be that honest. When there is still the chance to become the first goalkeeper at a club like NAC, that is of course a compliment. I look forward to being structurally under the bar again and defending NACs goal.โ€
Head of youth education Eric Hellemons is looking forward to seeing Kortsmit at NAC in the coming period. โ€œRoy is a very experienced and good goalkeeper. For the past two years, Roy has been very patient and professional. Nicks departure offers Roy new perspectives. In the matches he has made for NAC, he made a good and stable impression. We are therefore very happy that Roy is staying with us.โ€