Second SSD-enabled M.2 system update for PS5 tomorrow

The second major update to the PS5 will be released tomorrow, and there will be additional features on the PS4 and PS and Remote Play apps. Among the innovations on the PS5: The ability to customize center settings Control by taking away unnecessary icons from the home screen; GameBase improvements โ€” you can write messages directly from it; PS4 and PS5 versions of the same game are displayed separately; pause or resume screen reader (PS+triangle) or repeat read text (PS+ R1); PlayStation Now subscribers will be able to stream games in 720p or 1080p resolutions, and The streaming system will detect and fix connection problems; the fourth type of praise will appear (after multiplayer) โ€” Leader; add automatic recording of best moments; The system will now track up to five prizes per game at the Control Center. In addition, 3D audio support for the TVs built-in speakers will be added.

Players will be able to measure room acoustics using the DualSense microphone to apply optimized settings. And Pulse 3D headset owners can adjust the EQ in sound settings.

Together with with the update, the system will also support M. 2 SSD media, where you can download, copy games and multimedia apps for PS5 and PS4.

Games will be run from SSD memory and allowed to move freely between media and console. However, the M.

2 SSD must meet minimum performance requirements and Size. New for Remote Play and PS App: You can use a mobile data connection when Wi-Fi is not available (requires at least 5 MB/s download speed); You can choose the video quality for your mobile network; From September 23, PS App will allow you to watch friends broadcasts on the shared screen (only for the launch of the broadcast PS5 users).

At the same time, the release of the Android update will be broken down into several stages. PS4 will also allow you to view their PS5 game prizes, and PS5 players will be able to rate other PS4 users prizes.

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