Second US drone attack this week in Somalia

US troops carried out a drone attack on al-Shabaab militants on Friday in Somalia, Pentagon spokesman Cindi King said Friday. According to the US, al-Shabaab is affiliated with al-Qaeda. The attack was conducted near Qeycad, Galmudug state.

The Pentagon statement followed a statement by Somali authorities that the army โ€œdestroyed al-Shabaab fighters and weapons without civilian casualties.โ€

The attack is the second to be carried out by the US Army in Somalia under President Joe Biden. The first one was Tuesday. Until then, since January 19, the day before Biden took attack, the United States Army had no longer carried out an air strike in Somalia.

US troops, who had largely withdrawn from Somalia under President Donald Trump, โ€œconducted a remote advisory and assistance mission to support Somali troops,โ€ said King. She added that โ€œno U.S. troops accompany Somali troops during this operation.โ€