Secondary school students more negative about chances of passing their final exams after corona

The corona crisis has made pupils more pessimistic about passing their final exams. Through months of home schooling they fear that they have learned too little. At vmbo, only 75 percent of the young people surveyed expect to pass their final exams; that was 85 percent two years ago. Expectations are also lower at havo and vwo.

Some 2000 young people from Limburg in the third class of secondary school have been questioned about this in recent months by researchers from Maastricht University.

Teddie from Alkmaar got her vmbo diploma last school year. Because of corona she didn’t have to do a central exam. This month she moved on to 4-havo.

She understands that many young people have become more concerned about their school careers after a few months of home schooling. “Things have been very different lately. You weren’t at school at all and all the classes went online. You got less explanations and sometimes sites or apps you needed didn’t.”

She herself passed her exam based on the marks from the school exam. “For many people it worked to their advantage, but for some it worked to their disadvantage. I was in a good position myself, but it helped me to get my diploma for sure.”

The Alkmaar hawk Thomas is not surprised that many young people have become more negative about school because of the corona crisis. “It was difficult to get everything with home schooling. But I’ve done my best the past few months, so I hope I’ll just make it.”

His schoolmate Jasmina only stayed in the third grade of the havo. According to her it was mainly because of corona. “You had much less chance of getting your grades. For me, it’s now three years until I have to take my final exams, I think I’ll be okay by then.”

“The students know what they need, they know what’s going on in their heads”, says Schil. “I only have averages from a study.”