Secretary of State Uslu: culture should open as soon as possible

The cultural institutions must be able to reopen as soon as possible. Thats what Secretary of State Uslu for Culture and Media said before the start of the cabinet deliberation.

When asked how long the cultural sector should remain closed, she replied: โ€œNot, it should open as soon as possible. Its closed too long, that has to change.โ€

And when asked if that should be announced at the press conference on Tuesday, Uslu said: โ€œThere must be a different situation. Yes, it has toโ€.

Hope for easing

That makes her more intelligent than Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Kuipers yesterday. In the debate with the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Rutte said that the cabinet also โ€œhopes for easing but cannot give guaranteesโ€. Minister Kuipers of Health also said to find it too early for that.

According to Rutte and Kuipers, not all the figures and information have yet been received to make such a decision, for example, nothing is known about the effects of the last easing of Saturday, January 15 of the opening of education, hairdressers and non-essential shops.

According to Rutte and Kuipers, the corona shots in hospitals are still decreasing, but it is uncertain whether this line will continue as well.


The pressure on the cabinet to reopen the cafes, restaurants, cinemas, museums and theaters is high. Not only from society and mayors, but also from the House of Representatives. During the corona debate yesterday, all kinds of parties said to find it incomprehensible that IKEA can open and a theater is not.

On Wednesday, the cultural sector was protested throughout the country. That looked like this:

The experts from the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) are coming together today. On Monday, the most involved ministers are still together in the Catshuis.

Rutte tempered expectations yesterday. โ€œWe are hopeful, but with a profit warning,โ€ said the Prime Minister. โ€œI dont know more tomorrow than today. Hopefully Tuesday.โ€