Security chief murdered President Haiti arrested

President Jovenel Moïse‘s head of security has been arrested, Haitian police announced Monday. Security chief Jean Laguel Civil is suspected of involvement in the murder of the head of state. Moïse was shot dead in his house about three weeks ago by armed commands who managed to bypass security without a shot.

I can confirm that Jean Laguel Civil was arrested by police on Monday as part of the investigation into the murder of President Jovenel Moïse, said police spokeswoman Marie Michelle Verrier against AFP news agency.

Police Commissioner Me Bed-Ford Claude in the capital Port-au-Prince had already ordered the immigration authorities to ban four police officers responsible for the security of the president, from leaving the country. Police also issued an order on Monday against Wendell Coq Thelot, a judge of the highest court in the country who was fired by the president.

Moïse was killed in an attack on his home involving at least 28 people, many of whom Colombian mercenaries engaged through a Florida based security company. According to US media, several suspects of the President’s assassination have previously worked as U.S. Security Informant such as DEA Anti-Drug Service and the Federal Police Service FBI.