Security deliberation: shopkeeper, take responsibility!

Retailers have to take out customers who refuse to wear a mouthcap. If they do not, mayors can impose a fine on the entrepreneur or even close a shop. The Security Council warns about this, which includes the mayors of the 25 security regions. The duty of dressing in public indoor spaces, which starts on Tuesday, was on the agenda of the weekly meeting of the 25 mayors.

Retail trade must take responsibility and obey the law, otherwise, according to the mayors, the shopkeepers are screwed. โ€œA retailer decides who comes into the business. Most of the people refused just go away. If it fails, they can warn the police or boasโ€, says Mayor Hubert Bruls van Nijmegen Monday evening after the deliberation.

A number of chains have already indicated that it does not want to maintain. But the mayors emphasize that this is a violation. They will warn first, but high fines and closures will follow.

From Tuesday, mouth masks are mandatory not only in public places such as museums, shops and theatres, but also in bus booths and tram stops people have to wear mouthmasks. Those who do not risk a fine of 95 euros.