Security forces want more money because of espionage from China and Russia

The Dutch economy is threatened by digital espionage from China and Russia. That is why the security services want more budget and better cooperation with governments, companies and universities. To this end, AIVD, MIVD and the National Coordinator Counter-Terrorism and Security (NCTV) call in Het Financieele Dagblad.

The services say in the newspaper they catch Chinese and Russian hackers every day for burglaries at companies and universities. There are also regular attacks on the so-called vital infrastructure of the Netherlands, such as energy and drinking water supplies, banks and telecom networks.

According to MIVD boss Jan Swillens, the Chinese and Russians are not shy back from digital attacks. โ€œThey want it, they can do it and they do it.โ€

Chinese Orderlist

The attacks on โ€œall the crown jewels of the Dutch economyโ€ threaten โ€œnational meritโ€, says AIVD-boss Erik Akerboom in the FD. Endangered sectors include maritime, agriculture, aerospace, artificial intelligence and quantum technology.

Akerboom argues that, above all, the danger from China is underestimated. โ€œThey work with an order list of technology they want to pick up in the world.โ€ He therefore wants foreign investment in the Netherlands to be assessed on the potential risk of national security.

In December, two more Russian diplomats were declared persona non grata and expelled after the AIVD had exposed them as spies. The duo was looking for sensitive information from Dutch high-tech companies and institutions.


The services also put their hands in their own bosom in the newspaper and argue that they want more consultation with Dutch companies. To this end, the employers organisation called VNO-NCW and the dome of data centres. Through so-called trusted channels, consultation between the services and the business community should be set up.

For all this, the security services need more hackers and better ICT systems. Therefore, the budget for them should be up. The newspaper compares with the British and French, where the budget has recently been increased by 5 and 8% respectively.

The AIVD receives more than 316 million euros annually. The budget of the MIVD, which is under the Ministry of Defense, is state secret.