See: Kasper Jansen makes furniture from old window frames

Chores can be done in many ways. From model building and art object to complete renovations! Often a job deserves to be put in the spotlight. This week we take a look at Kasper Jansen in Putten who made a series of furniture in the style of Rietveld.

Retiring does not necessarily mean saying goodbye to your craft. Kasper Jansen (79) from Putten had a construction company for many years, but continued to carpenter after his retirement. Especially when corona kept the whole country at home.

“Woodwork is my big hobby and you have to enjoy yourself at such a time,” says Jansen soberly.

“I had been playing with the idea of making a number of furniture in Rietvelds style for a long time. I have a workshop in our barn… This was a good time to start.”

Jansen happened to have some old window frames lying around with which he could set to work. First the man from Putten collected all the reading with the designs of Gerrit Rietveld (1888-1964), which also contained the corresponding construction drawings. “The original colours and sizes are also in these works

In the end, the choice fell on the world-famous red-blue chair, the small and large childrens chair and two Steltman chairs.

A left and a right. If you put those next to each other, you have a bench. These two are also almost ready, the paint is now drying

All in all, Jansen has been working for six months now to rebuild Rietvelds works as beautifully as possible. “Surely theres a months work in every piece of furniture

“And patience is important here. But if you do something, you have to do it right, I think”

“I sawed all the parts of those old hardwood window frames. Although it may also be other wood, because it is all stained anyway. In the end you cant tell the difference anymore”

“It also makes a difference that I had all the equipment I needed to saw, sand and paint everything to size”, Jansen notes modestly.

Jansen is very pleased with the nice result. Its a pity that he cant put them all in his own living room. “Who knows, one of my children might want to have them


Perhaps the most important question: are those tight Rietveld chairs actually comfortable? Jansen laughs: “Of course you have to put a pillow on the well-known red-blue chair, but it sits just fine! For the childrens chairs, I have to charter another child to try them out. Although the Rietveld furniture is mainly for showing to people. โ€


Kasper Jansen


Owner of construction company, now retired




Range of Rietveld furniture


Six months.

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