‘Seeing if they can handle stress, for example, Koopmeiners did not reach its level’

Louis van Gaal lights up a tip of the veil for Wednesdays Nations League duel with Wales. The national coach seems to want to see a number of other players at work in Cardiff.
โ€œI want to see a lot of players. I know everything about the players who played against Belgium. But those other players: I want to see if they can handle the stress of the Dutch team,โ€ says Van Gaal at the press conference. โ€œTake Teun Koopmeiners as an example: he played great at Atalanta, but did not reach his level at the Orange.โ€
โ€œThe Dutch team is something that every player wants very much, but then the stress usually increases,โ€ continues Van Gaal. โ€œIf I can draw them up in this competition, I will. And these matches are also part of the World Cup.โ€
Van Gaal is busy looking for the ideal
mix at Orange for the final tournament in Qatar. โ€œMy book said that I find three, four creative players enough in a team. The rest must play in the service of those players. We did that in Brazil and we are actually doing that again for Memphis and Mountain Wine. And tomorrow (Wednesday, ed.) maybe for others.โ€
โ€œ2014 was a miracle, but we can provide another miracle. The best team wins. That
s what were working on,โ€ concludes Van Gaal.