Sega announces first blockchain-based game

Sega has announced a partnership with blockchain company Double Jump Tokyo, which will result in a new installment of the popular Sangokushi Taisen series in Japan. The new game in the series will use blockchain technology, although it is not yet known what it is. Sangokushi Taisen is a real-time strategy game that takes place during the Three Kingdoms, described in Luo Guanzhong‘s Romance of Three Kingdoms.

It is played on arcade machines, but it uses a deck of physical cards. Blockchain technologies are likely to be used to determine the owner of the card.

Companies such as Konami and Atari are already going to use blockchain in their projects, although every such announcement causes mass criticism from players. As for Sega, it registered the Sega NFT trademark in January.

Double Jump Tokyo has already collaborated with game studios, including Bandai Namco. Last year, she helped Square Enix launch its first Million Arthur NFT collection.

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