Segers (CU) and Kaag (D66): Boycott World Cup 2022 in Qatar

Listtractors Gert-Jan Segers (ChristenUnie) and Sigrid Kaag (D66) would like to boycott the World Cup in Qatar in 2022, as they said tonight at the CCEit on 3 election program.

One of the studio guests talked about the abuses with Uyghurs in China and the 6500 migrant workers who, according to The Guardian, died in the preparations for the football championship in Qatar. He wanted to know how the parties are going to deal with such abuses.

If you look into my heart, and it‘s about Qatar, I’d prefer a boycott of the World Cup. It was built with blood, said Segers. We will dance to graves of 6500 people who hope that they would have a better life by working there and then found their death. My heart breaks.

Here‘s how the list tractors look at the World Cup in Qatar:

Segers also calls the abuses with the Uyghurs in China ‘a form of genocide‘. It’s denying a group to be who they are. Kaag thinks the same thing. Her party calls on the Cabinet to declare the situation in the Asian country a genocide.

The list tractors answered questions from young people in the studio and viewers at home. Education and climate were the two central themes of the evening. They also talked about euthanasia, salaries for teachers, opportunities for MBO students and discrimination in the labour and housing markets.

Would you like to look back the whole conversation with Gert-Jan Segers and Sigrid Kaag? You can do that here:

Over the next two days, other list leaders from large parties will talk with young people, except PVV leader Geert Wilders; he turned down the invitation. Tomorrow will be the turn of Thierry Baudet (Forum for Democracy) and Farid Azarkan (THINK). The call starts at 7:00.

You can watch live through the site and app, the Facebook pages of DecceIt EncceIt on 3 and the YouTube page of CCEit on 3.

This is what the program for the rest of the week looks like: