Sem (7) saves toddler from wak

The 7-year-old Sem from Lelystad did not hesitate last Sunday when he saw a 2-year-old toddler lying in a wak in the Loosdrechtse Lakes. โ€œHe jumped off the playground, climbed over the fence and pulled my son out of the ice water by his hood,โ€ says the toddlers mother to Flevopost.

The toddler was playing with his parents in a playground on the ice. According to the mother of the child, there were many people skating. โ€œThe ice seemed so strong,โ€ the woman said. Nobody seemed to realize that there was a big pool right next to the playground.

When Sem saw that the toddler fell into the water, he did not hesitate for a moment. He jumped off the playground, climbed over the fence and fished the child at his hood out of the water. To the parents of the toddler, Sem is a superhero; โ€œWe are very grateful to him.โ€



many places in the country, people have fallen into the icy water. In addition, at least 40,000 skaters reported with injury to the emergency room last weekend.