Semedo delivers Fortuna Sittard in injury time profit on RKC

One trainer change is not the other. On November 11, Sjors Ultee took over the baton from Kevin Hofland, with whom he formed a two-man band last season.

Ultee started defeating Feyenoord and Vitesse, but remained undefeated for the fourth time today. Against RKC Waalwijk Fortuna even won 2-1, although the winning hit fell in injury time.

Four Eredivisie duels without defeat had last happened in 2000: Bert van Marwijk was then the trainer. โ€œLook where we were a few weeks back, three dots, at the very bottomโ€, Ultee shimmered afterwards. โ€œAnd now, ten out of four, fantastic.โ€

RKC starts well

The duel in Sittard began with a minutes silence in memory of the deceased Henk van Delft, who in the past was a goalkeeper and board member of RKC.

Possibly that inspired the visitors, because in the opening phase RKC held the strings firmly in control. Finn Stokkers, who released Fortuna Sittard from 2017 to 2019, took care of the Waalwijkse 1-0 after fifteen minutes.

Mats Seuntjens lost the ball to Cyril Ngonge and he put Stokkers with a great depth pass only for goalkeeper Yanick van Osch.

Fortuna seemed to be at the same level when Polter worked the ball at the second pole in the goal. The German striker got the ball from a front which was extended by Zian Flemming and seemed to be out of play.

Sebastian Polter did not dare to cheer, RKC-goalkeeper Kostas Lamprou was sure of his case and wanted to take the free kick, but arbitrator Marc Nagtegaal, on the advice of the VAR, ruled that Polter was equal: 1-1.

For Polter it was already the fourth consecutive match in which he won Fortuna Sittard. The last one to do that was Matthew Amoah in the year 2000.


Lamprou, who had a good rescue shortly before and thus maintained his excellent average of decisive rescues this season, remained behind.

Immediately after rest, the Greek goalkeeper plunged himself into the ball and prevented Polters second hit, but Lamprou had to pay for that with a head injury. With a number of stitches in the head, he continued the duel.

Fortuna insisted most, but had to beware of Walloon outbreaks. For example, after an hour, Roel Janssen was released with the fright, after interrupting a promising attack by RKC with his hand. However, the defender escaped his second yellow card.

Semedo strikes in injury time

The home team remained dominant and was given a great opportunity. Flemming gave a fine advance, but Polter took the ball in an incomprehensible way at the second pole.

It seemed to stick to that, but in the time of injury George Cox sent a beautiful depth pass, allowing Lisandro Semedo to shoot Fortuna to victory: 2-1.

In the seventh of a total of ten minutes added another former Fortunese Vitalie Damascan still had the 2-2 on the shoe, but goalkeeper Van Osch just got his shoe against it.

Check out the reactions of trainer Sjors Ultee and striker Sebastian Polter of Fortuna Sittard and goalkeeper Kostas Lamprou of RKC Waalwijk.

The Limburgers will spend Christmas knowing that they have a small hole towards the degradation zone. A nice feeling, Ultee agrees, but he does not charge himself rich. โ€œFirst, we need to make sure we get a point per game so that youre safe. Then you can dream.โ€