Semi-Shredded Banksy Artwork Re-Aucted

Banksy‘s work of art that went partly by a shredder in 2018 will be auctioned again. The work that shows a girl reaching for a heart-shaped balloon was sold three years ago for 1.2 million euros.

Just after the sale at the time, it was seen how the work was shredded half. There was a shredder hidden in the list. Images of that went all over the world. After that, the work was retitled Love is in the Bin.

โ€œOn that surreal night three years ago, I became the accidental but very privileged owner of Love is in the Bin,โ€ writes the unknown owner in a statement by Sotheby’s. โ€œIt was incredible to be part of the story of how one of the most famous works of art in the world originated, but now is the time to let go of the painting.โ€

It is likely that the work of art has become worth more due to the shredding action, as the proceeds are now estimated at 4.7 to 7 million euros. The painting will be under the hammer on October 14 th.