Senate begins second impeachment proceedings against former President Trump

In the United States Senate, the second impeachment proceedings against former President Trump have begun because of his role in the storm of the Capitol. The area around the Capitol, where the Senate is located, is highly secured.

The session begins with a discussion of whether a former President can be condemned at all, and a vote on it. Images of the Capitol Storming will also be shown, in which five people died.

The House of Representatives accuses Trump of inciting an insurrection. According to Trump‘s attorneys, he’s not guilty of that. Trump himself has rejected a request for testimony.

On January 6, the members of Congress met to confirm the election win for Joe Biden. Prior to that, Trump made a rousing speech to thousands of supporters, reiterating his repeatedly voiced allegations about electoral fraud.

โ€œ We‘re going to the Capitol,โ€ the president cried to his supporters, โ€œand I’m going with you.โ€ Then his supporters stormed the Capitol while Trump was in the White House.


Chances are small that Trump will actually be convicted. This requires a two-thirds majority in the Senate. Of the 100 Senators, 50 are Republicans: apart from 50 Democrats, 17 Republicans will have to drop the former president.

Never before has a president been initiated a deposition procedure twice. A year ago, Trump was acquitted in his first trial.