Senate raises horde for mega data center Zeewolde

For the

time being, Het Rijk should not sell land to Facebooks parent company Meta for a mega data center in Zeewolde. A proposal to that effect was adopted in the Senate.

Last week, the city council in Zeewolde gave permission for the arrival of the data center, but it is not finished with that yet. Part of the land is owned by the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf and that has set preconditions, including sustainability.

The proposal in the Senate of the Party for the Animals adds another condition to this. Sales should be suspended โ€œuntil a new cabinet vision for spatial design and data centers is readyโ€. A motion of equal effect was rejected last week, before the vote in Zeewolde, in the House of Representatives.

Recently, the call for a national strategy has become increasingly louder in The Hague. A number of parties believe that permission for the arrival of data centers should not be left to municipalities.

The new coalition agreement also states that the upcoming cabinet plans to tighten the national direction and criteria. The new coalition believes that mega data centers โ€œdisproportionately seize the available renewable energy in relation to social and/or economic added valueโ€.

Secretary of State Knops of the Interior says he will study the motion from the Senate.