Senate wants more say in corona measures

The Senate criticizes the cabinet‘s design for a new corona law. The bill has not yet been submitted to the House of Representatives and is before the Council of State for advice, but a majority of the Senate has already sent a critical letter to Minister Kuipers of Health. Party for the Animals Senator Nicolaรฏ confirms a message from Trouw that he prepared the letter and is one of the signatories.

During the corona pandemic, the cabinet always worked with temporary laws, which formed the basis for all kinds of measures. These laws are now off track; the Senate voted against a fifth extension in May. Kuipers will soon come up with a law for a more definitive basis for corona restrictions, such as a face mask obligation or keeping a distance.

A majority of the senate now writes to Kuipers that the Senate should be able to participate in the discussion about putting such measures into effect. This is not the case in the draft that is now before the Council of State.

Meaningful control

The signatories of the letter write that they wonder whether โ€œmeaningful control of the Senate is sufficiently regulatedโ€.

The letter to the minister was signed by all opposition groups in the Senate, except the SGP. Together, these groups have a majority of 41 out of 75 seats. Kuipers’ new law can only take place if there is support for it in both Chambers.