Senesi: ‘He could quietly hand out spades, because VAR did not exist at the time. ‘

Marcos Senesi is advised by assistant trainer John de Wolf to โ€œplay with the knife between the teethโ€, but the Argentinian states that it was easier for De Wolf to do so in the past. The Argentine also responds to the transfer rumors that are playing around him.

The Wolf, a hard defender in the past, tries to help Senesi further in its development. โ€œI have a very good relationship with Johnโ€, Senesi laughs in an extensive interview with the club channel of Feyenoord. โ€œBut he could quietly hand out spades, because the VAR did not exist at that time. He‘s always telling me to play with the knife between the teeth. Together, we look at and analyze the opponents, so I’m actually communicating with John all the time.โ€
Senesi was linked to a number of foreign clubs during the winter transfer period, but remains quietly underneath it. โ€œIt‘s rumors, and if it’s more than that, it‘s handled by my agent. I’m focusing on Feyenoord. I want to show you what I can do here, why there are rumors. I work hard to improve myself, I keep doing my best and maybe someday there will come a moment to take the next stepโ€, he concludes.