Sennheiser selling business?

Rumors of starting to optimize its business by the German audio equipment manufacturer have been around for a long time, but since Sennheiser was in no hurry to reveal all its cards, a disjointed network began to appear and often conflicting information. One thing was known for certain โ€” negotiations are being held with Sonova, a Swiss company that develops and produces products for the hard of hearing, but which the role it would play for the Germans, was left only to guess. Some claimed that Sonova would leave the production of hi-fi audio, others assured that it was a professional segment of Sennheiser.

However, recently at YouTube blogger DMS, famous in the personal hi-fi audio connoisseur circles, a video appeared to answer all these questions and were answered by official representatives of both brands โ€” Martin Grieder (Martin Grieder) the faces of Sonova and York Meirroz (Joerk Meyerrose) on behalf of Sennheiser. So heres what could be found out.

Yes, indeed, this is a partnership with Sonova, in which, the entire consumer sector of hardware produced by the Germans will be relegated to the Swiss. And this: portable hi-fi, wireless TWS headphones and, as scary as it sounds, all production relevant to audiophiles.

Sonova gets at its disposal: people, equipment and know-how. Sennheiser is left with professional audio and ambient sound systems.

As examples, Meirroz even cited specific models: Sennheiser HD 25, 280 Pro and Ambeo Soundbar. When asked whether the release of pre-existing headphone models would continue and whether they would support York replied in the affirmative, stressing that the German brand is extremely sensitive to warranty and post-warranty obligations.

In example, Meirroz cited spare ear pads that have been produced for the same headphone model for about 30 years. No one is going to take something out of the current lineup either.

โ€œWe would be madmen by doing so,โ€ says York. Judging from what Martin Grider was saying, Sonova is going to invest seriously in the business they have received, develop it and integrate it into products are branded to improve the quality of life for hearing impaired people.

The hi-fi headphone sound quality bar will not drop. About the latter, of high quality, Martin said several times, emphasizing that Hi-Fi and Hi-End would be branded sound familiar to anyone who has ever listened to headphones Sennheiser.

This will be achieved by the fact that the development and tuning of drivers, or more simply, emitters, will be done by the same people as before, however, through a large investment from the Sonova, they will get more freedom of action and more opportunities. When asked what brand will be produced, Martin andYork said Sennheiser and added that it was not so much about a part of one companys business moving to another, but a merger and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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