September 22: The General Reflections/From Dirty to Clean Cars/The Impact of Rising Energy Prices

What happens during the General Contemplations?

The House of Representatives today debates the Cabinet‘s plans during the General Reflections. News hour polls the vote in The Hague and we talk about it with political reporter Arjan Noorlander.

German elections part 2: from dirty to clean cars

Chancellor Merkel’s successor is faced with a country that faces major assaultions. Also because one of the driving forces behind the success of the German economy, the automotive industry will no longer produce petrol or diesel cars in about ten years. While they owe their success to that. Volkswagen alone accounted for about 9 million cars a year. It‘s a historic upheaval and nobody knows if that’s going to succeed. Volkswagen staff in the city of Wolfsburg are holding their breath.

The impact of rising energy prices

Energy prices are skyrocketing and gas price even reached an all-time high. Millions of Dutch are going to notice this in the coming year. Anyone who has a variable energy contract, which is 44% of all Dutch people, will have to pay a considerably higher electricity price and gas price as of 1 January. And anyone who has a permanent contract that expires soon will notice it. News hour speaks to someone who is concerned about prices, and a so-called energy coach.