September 25 th end of 1.5-metre rule, which is corona pass in hospitality and theatre

As of Saturday 25 September, the Dutch wont have to keep one and a half metres away. However, a corona entry ticket should be shown in many more places, for example in the hospitality industry, cinema and theatre.


Hague sources report that to deCCeit, after the cabinet had been in consultation at the Catshuis for hours this afternoon.

In public transport, The Hague sources confirm a face mask requirement. But this protection is no longer required on the platform and at the bus and tram stop.

The opening hours for the night care industry, such as cafes, discotheques and fast food business, are not eased. Between 24.00 and 6am, the hospitality industry will remain closed. But as the one-and-a-half meter rule disappears, more guests are allowed to enter the cafรฉ with a corona pass, up to 75 percent of the maximum number of visitors.

In football, stadiums will be able to refill. Spectators will have to present a vaccination certificate or negative test results.

No concrete decision has been taken on the event sector. A solution is being sought and there will be another consultation tomorrow. Events are allowed to take place outside, with only visitors who can show a corona entry ticket.

Vaccination Rate

Next Tuesday, demissionary Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge will announce all measures from 25 September at a press conference. Today, the most involved ministers in the Catshuis have already had a preliminary consultation with the experts of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT). The OMT has said that the one-and-a-half meter rule can only expire with the introduction of a corona access pass in the hospitality industry and culture. Otherwise, the risk of vulnerable people getting sick is too high.

In the Netherlands, around 80 percent of adults are fully vaccinated. But there are 1.8 million people who have not had a vaccine or whose vaccine does not provide sufficient protection. In order to prevent a spike of corona infections and to put the burden on care again, the Cabinet has decided not to let go of all measures, as is done in Denmark, for example. The cabinet wants a โ€œprotective layerโ€ for vulnerable people, emphasizes a source from The Hague.

(Night) Hospitality deeply disappointed

The events industry and the night hospitality industry are fervently hoping for easing. โ€œThis is impossible to understand as far as Im concerned,โ€ says Jeroen van Broekhoven van Nachtbelang, in which some hundred nightclubs are represented. According to him, the time has long been ripe to reopen the nightclubs, as the infection rates are stable.

โ€œI really hoped after yesterdays demonstration,โ€ says Van Broekhoven. On Saturday, tens of thousands of people, in ten different cities, took to the streets to urge the cabinet to reopen the event sector further. โ€œI thought: the cabinet can no longer be deaf for this. But that seems to be the case.โ€

Royal Horeca Nederland (KHN) also responds astonished to the leaked cabinet plans. โ€œWhere the whole of the Netherlands has actually said goodbye to the one-and-a-half meter society, the cabinet is aggravating the rules for the hospitality industry. In addition to the additional threshold, the CoronaCheck app check, there will also be an extension of the closure for the entire hospitality industry between 24:00 and 06:00.โ€