Sequence of semi-finals Eurovision Song Contest

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has announced the starting order of the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest. Lithuania will bite the first semi-final on 18 May.

In the second semi-final on May 20, the Dutch-Greek Stefania will act fourth on behalf of Greece, and the Belgian group Hooverphonic will be eleventh in the first semi-final. The two top favourites for the final victory, Malta and Switzerland, both got a place at the end. Malta concludes the first semi-final and Switzerland is the second final in the second semi-final.

The starting order is largely based on the draw that was already made last January. Countries could not only get the first or second semifinal tickets but also a certain part. The producers then looked at the most diverse order as possible to prevent, for example, three ballads sitting in a row.

After the semifinals will be drawn again for the final. The starting point of the Netherlands alone is already fixed: Jeangu Macrooy is on stage as 23rd of the 26 finalists.