Serbian president pulls out to Moscow after Basic Instinct joke

A joke by the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs caused irritation in Serbia. Maria Zacharova compared the visit of Serbian President Vucic to his American counterpart Trump with an iconic scene from the film Basic Instinct in a message on Facebook.

In the thriller, actress Sharon Stone distracts the police by interrogating her legs in such a way that the person opposite her can see between her legs. She is not wearing any underwear at the time. Zacharova joked that Vucic should have been in the White House the same way. “Believe me,” she wrote.

Vucic can’t laugh at the Facebook message and thinks the statement mainly says something about the spokesperson herself, “with her primitivism and vulgarity”. He also regrets Moscow’s lack of appreciation for Serbia, which is traditionally an ally of Russia. The Serbian Minister of Defence Vulin also calls the statement an insult to Belgrade.


The Serbian president visited the White House last week to conclude an agreement with neighbouring Kosovo, which separated from Serbia in 2008. The rivals agreed to normalize relations. They also agreed to establish Israeli embassies in Jerusalem, a wish of President Trump.

Zacharova has now added an apology to her Facebook message and claims that her joke has been misinterpreted. She writes that she wanted to address Trump’s arrogant attitude. She denounces the design of the chairs, which according to her is unacceptable, which would emphasize Trump’s superior position.

Vucic called Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov today. We don’t know what the two of them talked about.