Serial Cleaners authors showed New Yorks 5 Pointz map

Polish studio Draw Distance in 2017 became famous for the unusual simulator Serial Cleaner, and now it is working on a continuation of the history of criminal cleaners. Serial Cleaners action would take place in America 1970s and twenty years later, in New York. In a new trailer, developers introduced District 5 Pointz: It was a cult New York location when the abandoned factory was transformed into a center of contemporary art.

Here, graffiti of the most famous street artists were flaunted on 19 thousand square meters. Alas, the factory has long been demolished, and in its place built faceless apartments.

In the new part, not only the appearance of the game changed. Gameplay will be less linear, our heroes, mafia cleaners, learn to sneak and hide.

Everyone will also be given a unique skill associated with the elimination of bodies. One of them, for example, will be able to slide through pools of blood to escape from the pursuers.

Developers promise that the maps will become more vertical (and prove this demonstration 5 Pointz), artificial intelligence will become smart, the branches of dialogues will expand, and the world will be filled with references to pop culture of the past time. Serial Cleaners should exit this year, while only on the RS.

It will be sold on Steam, GOOG and Epic Games Store. More on CCeit โ€œLet there always be the sunโ€ as the leitmotif of the trailer of the film adaptation โ€œWeโ€ Zamyatin โ€œTime as Currentโ€ โ€” released trailer Returnal In Expeditions: Rome to kill the Greeks and return Rome.