Series about Loki received a premiere date – it starts on June 11

Marvel Studios has named the premiere date of the series about Loki – the project will begin to be released on Disney+ on June 11. The story will tell how Loki, against his will, came to work for an organization that monitors time and various universes at the MCU. In addition, announced the day of the start of a new animated series in the universe โ€œStar Warsโ€โ€œBad partyโ€ about โ€œdefectiveโ€ clones starts on May 4, in traditional โ€œCV Dayโ€.

Also on July 2, a new animated series on โ€œMonster Corporationโ€ starts. More on the Gambling Warner Bros.

was developing an animated series on Mortal Kombat for children CyberTown: in Poland do another โ€œCyberpunkโ€ It can not be stopped: Valheim sales already exceeded 4 million copies.