Series about Loki starts two days ahead of schedule โ€” June 9

Marvel Studios in the new promo video โ€œLokiโ€ announced a change of schedule – now the project starts not 11, but on June 9. In addition, the days of the release of new series have also changed. If episodes of previous studio series appeared Friday, fresh โ€œLokiโ€ series would be available on Wednesdays.

In total, the project consists of six episodes. The story tells how Loki after the events of โ€œAvengers: Finalโ€ falls into the clutches of an organization that follows the โ€œproperโ€ development of time.

And he has to fix local โ€œproblemsโ€. So far, Marvel Studios series have not announced sequels after their debut seasons, but โ€œLokiโ€ may be an exception.

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