Serious Request DJs this year in lockdown for corona fundraiser

This years 3FM action Serious Request: The Lifeline is dedicated to the fight against the coronavirus. In the week before Christmas, three DJ teams enter lockdown from the former Twenthe Air Force Base to raise money for the Red Cross.

The proceeds are intended for corona care. โ€œEverywhere emergency workers, local clinics and hospitals are under high voltage as a result of the coronapandemic,โ€ writes radio station NPO 3FM. โ€œThey are overloaded, often with disastrous consequences. The proceeds go to the Red Cross, which works in the Netherlands and abroad to relieve that pressure on workers with people and resources.โ€

From 18 to 24 December, three duos will be locked in a hangar, containing a treadmill as a lifeline. The radio duos are Wijnand Speelman and Rob Janssen, Sander Hoogendoorn and Sophie Hijlkema and Frank van der Lende and Eva Koreman.

Other intent

After 3FM stopped working with the Glass House in 2018, the set-up turned into an action where the DJs went on foot across the country to raise money. Because of corona it has been decided not to do that this year. The previously announced route from Roermond to Zwolle will be postponed to next year.

Last year, the action raised over EUR 1.4 million for victims of trafficking in human beings. Last June it was announced that 3FM will stop working with the Red Cross after seventeen years next year.