Seriously handicapped man in wheelchair left in Rijswijk

The police in Rijswijk found a seriously disabled man in a wheelchair who was left there near the fire station at the Burgemeester Elsenlaan.

The man was found on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday after a tip from a passerby. The man was taken directly to the hospital with hypothermization. Because of his disability, the man can not communicate. Also, he didnt have any ID on him. The police estimate hes around 20 years old.

However, he found a note stating, among other things, that his mother can no longer take care of him, his family is homeless and that he is therefore left behind.

Police are investigating who put the man there. Because he cant move independently. The police would like to get in touch with family members to discuss the possibilities for assistance with them. Also, the police are calling on eyewitnesses to report.